6 Ways to Select the Best Employees

An article appearing in Harvard Business Review showed that of 2,700 employers surveyed in a recent study, 41 percent reported a poor hiring choice cost the company as much as $25,000. The costs of an unsuitable hire come as the result of problems like poor productivity, the individual’s negative impact on morale and expenses of training a new hire.

Here are six ways employers can boost their chances of finding the right person for the job and avoid incurring the expense that comes with a less-than-stellar hire:

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USA Mobile Drug Testing Explains the Impact of Marijuana Legalization

One of the most (if not the most) confusing areas in the employment realm these days is about the legalization of marijuana and how it impacts drug testing. It’s my belief that if we could quiz 10 recruiters/employers on the topic, we just might get the right answers out of 1 of them. That’s a very strong might and it’s an incredibly critical area for hiring professionals to understand.

This is something that everyone is talking about, yet no one truly knows anything g about it. That’s why we’ve brought in David Bell from USA Mobile Drug Testing to stop in for a Q/A and finally clear all of this up for us.

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Tying Offline and Online Marketing Together

USA Mobile Drug Testing wanted to improve name recognition within the HR industry, so they utilized a content marketing strategy (both onsite and offsite), event marketing, and had a series of buses wrapped to put the USA Mobile Drug Testing name on the streets. This enabled them to reach HR professionals online, at industry events, and on the street as they commuted to and from work.

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6 ways to select the best employees

Selecting the wrong people to work for a business can be damaging to productivity, the way workers feel about the company and to the bottom line. United States Department of Labor estimates show that the price of bringing a bad hire on board may be as much as 30 percent of that employee’s possible earnings during their first year in the job.

The way to avoid choosing an unsuitable candidate is by engaging in selective hiring practices. Here are 6 ways to select the best employees for your business:

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Six Steps To A Safer Workplace

When companies maintain a safe work environment, everybody wins. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, about 3 million workplace injuries and illnesses were reported in 2013.

When employees are hurt at work the employer bears the cost of workers compensation, and possibly worker replacement. The employee, meanwhile, suffers a painful injury that may require time off from work.

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USA Mobile Drug Testing

USA Mobile Drug Testing recently hired us to wrap a fleet of buses in several cities as part of an awareness campaign for their drug free workplace programs.

These eye-catching buses will be seen throughout the Cleveland, Atlanta, and Denver areas, with more cities planned though out 2015.

David Bell, USAMDT’s CEO said “We’re extremely happy with the wraps The Wrap Wizard designed and installed, and we love the fact that they could handle locations all over the country. That saved us a lot of time, work and money.

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Six Steps to Create a Safer Workplace

A safe workplace is productive and efficient. When safety guidelines are known, observed and enforced, the organization is free to focus on the work at hand. Follow these steps to create a safer workplace.

Create Rules

What may be permissible in an office setting almost certainly doesn’t apply at an industrial work site. This means that your workplace needs unique safety rules.

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6 Ways to Choose the Best Employees

Whether you’re hiring for a start-up enterprise or a well-established organization, finding the right employees is imperative. Executives with experience in human resources know that it’s cheaper to retain employees than it is to be constantly on the hunt for new candidates. Moreover, a longtime employee is better trained, understands the corporate culture and has a vested interest in the success of the firm.

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